Colin Hay considers releasing a fourth Men at Work studio album

Colin Hay is about to start his 2019 “Men at Work” tour in Europe, with the band that is with him for years now, formed by San Miguel Perez (tres, guitar and vocals), Yosmel Montejo (bass and vocals), Scheila Gonzalez (saxophones, flute, keyboards and vocals), Jimmy Branly (drums) and his wife Cecilia Noël (vocals and percussion).

In a interview for the German Hannoversche Allgemeine, about the upcoming tour, Hay considered the possibility of releasing a fourth Men at Work albumWhen new songs should show up on our tour, Greg and I had been working on it since the nineties. Let’s see what happens.

Indeed, some new songs as “Love Terrorist” and “Don’t Be Afraid” used to be played at Men at Work concerts in the late 90s and early 2000s. “Don’t Be Afraid” ended up at Hay’s solo album “Man @ Work“, released in 2003. The singer and composer also mentioned that a new album was being produced with new and old songs, when he presented the 2000 version of Down Under during a radio interview. Greg Ham was found dead at his house in Melbourne, in April 2012. After that, new acoustic recordings of Men at Work songs were released in 2014 at the vinyl edition of “Man @ Work, including “Down By The Sea“, with a previously unreleased saxophone recording by Greg Ham.

Men at Work released three albums in the first half of the 80s, “Business As Usual” (1981), “Cargo” (1983) and “Two Hearts” (1985). The live album “Brazil” was released in 1998, with songs recorded at a concert in São Paulo, in 1996. At his solo carreer, Colin Hay released 13 albums, being the most recent “Fierce Mercy“.