Colin Hay – Man @ Work [acoustic vinyl] (2014)

Colin Hay - Man @ Work [acoustic vinyl] (2014)

Colin Hay
Man @ Work [acoustic vinyl] Produced by Colin Hay
©2014 Compass Records/Lazy Eye Records

Track List

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Beautiful World (Alternate Mix)@/_str/ch08/01.mp3, Down Under (Acoustic)@/_str/ch08/02.mp3, Love is Innocent@/_str/ch08/12.mp3, It’s A Mistake (acoustic version – new recording)@/_str/ch08/mistake.mp3, Waiting for my real life to begin (acoustic)@/_str/ch08/08.mp3, Who Can It Be Now? (Acoustic)@/_str/ch08/10.mp3, Overkill (Acoustic)@/_str/ch08/03.mp3, I Can See It In Your Eyes (acoustic version – new recording)@/_str/ch08/cansee.mp3, I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You (radio edit)@/_str/ch06/15.mp3, Down By The Sea (acoustic version – new recording)@/_str/ch08/down.mp3″]

Vinyl LP pressing. In 2003, Colin Hay released MAN @ WORK, a collection of acoustic re-workings of his most classic Men at Work and solo songs. MAN @ WORK went on to become an indie hit, selling nearly 100,000 units, and introducing Hay to a younger generation of fans. The release also spawned new favorites, including ‘Beautiful World,’ which went on to be featured on the NBC Series SCRUBS. Now, over ten years from its initial release, Compass Records and Colin Hay have teamed up to deliver the vinyl edition of MAN @ WORK. The LP includes the seminal Men at Work tracks from the original CD release, but has been update to include new recordings of ‘It’s a Mistake,’ ‘I Can See it in Your Eyes’ and ‘Down by the Sea.’