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Men At Work’s album “Brazil” is available on music apps, but not in Brazil







The live album, recorded  in 1996, when Colin Hay and Greg Ham went to Brazil for a Men At Work “come back” tour, is available in several music apps, such as Spotify (as the image above shows), but not in the country itself.

Beside the main band hits such as “Who Can It Be Now?”, “Down Under”, “Overkill” and “It’s A Mistake”, the album has “Everything I Need” (from the “Two Hearts” album, which was a great hit in Brazil, after being included at the soundtrack for the soap opera “A Gata Comeu”) and “Into My Life” (from Colin Hay’s second solo album “Wayfaring Sons” (1990), which was also a huge hit in the country, after featuring the soundtrack for the soap opera “Rainha da Sucata”). The album “Wayfaring Sons” is the only one from Colin Hay’s solo carreer still missing at the music apps, so is “Into My Life”.

Origianally, the album was released in 1997 in Brazil, with 15 live songs and the title “Brazil ’96”. In the following year, the album was reissued worldwidely with the title changed for “Brazil”, and the inclusion of a studio version of “The Longest Night” – composed by Greg Ham, that was also released as a promo single.

Men At Work returned to Brazil in 1997 to promote the album. In 2000, Colin Hay and Greg Ham visited the country for the last time as Men at Work. Colin Hay returned to the country with his solo band in 2004, 2007 and 2011.

The album rights are held by the label Legacy Recordings, related with Sony Music.

(If you are reading this outside Brazil, you probably can listen to Brazil on Spotify, give it a shot: