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“Waterloo Sunset”: Listen now to the second single of Colin Hay’s upcoming album of covers

“‘Waterloo Sunset’ is brilliance on so many levels,” Hay wrote in an email to AllMusic. “It stalks the boards of vaudeville halls of Britain, it talks of the exquisite beauty of home. It introduces us to Terry and Julie, two people who remain in our eternal consciousness. A sublime melody, one of the greatest guitar lines ever, a perfect pop song. Whenever I listen to it, or play it, it creates an ache in my heart, for family I loved and lost, and for a time forever unforgotten. It was nothing but joy to be able to record a version of one of the greatest songs ever written.”

The song is also available at Colin Hay’s profile on music apps.

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself is out August 6 on Compass Records and can be preordered here.