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Lazlo Bane – All The Time In The World (2002)

Lazlo Bane – All The Time in The World

©2002 Lookout Sound

Colin Hay sings at the end of the track “I’ll Be Happy”, released on the 2000 promo and 2002 digital editions of the album.

A promo version of the album was released in 2000. Promo edition featured the song “I’ll Be Happy” as track 11, which was replaced with “Breathe Me In” on the 2002 release.

The 2002 digital edition of the album omits the hidden track after the song “Crooked Smile” and incorrectly includes “I’ll Be Happy” as the eleventh track while the title is “Breathe Me In”. It can be heard through the preview and judged by the length of the track – for “I’ll Be Happy” it is 4:16.