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Men at Work classic concert at Rockpalast is available online

The German TV Channel WDR shared at its web site a classic concert of Men at Work at the Rockpalast in Hamburg, held in December 2nd, 1982. During the show, announced by vocalist Colin Hay as the last gig of that year, the Men played nineteen songs, including tracks from the debut album “Business As Usual” and the fresh (by-the-time) “Cargo“. Also some single b-sides like “Shintaro” and “F-19“, the unreleased “Mr. Entertainer” (usually played live by the band’s classic formation) and “Keypunch Operator“, from their independent single released in 1980.

The concert set list is:
01. No Restrictions
02. I Can See It In Your Eyes
03. People Just Love To Play With Words
04. Overkill
05. Touching The Untouchables
06. Catch A Star
07. Underground
08. Helpless Automaton
09. Highwire
10. Down Under
11. F 19
12. Shintaro
13. Who Can It Be Now?
14. Mr. Entertainer
15. It’s A Mistake
16. I Like To
17. Be Good Johnny
18. Upstairs In My House
19. Keypunch Operator

Although some unofficial copies of the show were available among fans, this one has much better quality. You can watch the full show at WDR’s web site, at the link: