Billboard premiered new Colin Hay song “I’m Walking Here”

Billboard premiered a new song by Colin Hay called “I’m Walking Here”. The song is going to be at Colin’s 13th solo album, “Fierce Mercy”, coming out by Compass Records at March 3rd, 2017.

The song was composed by Colin, his wife Cecilia Noël, the rapper Joe Manuel “Deploi” Lopez (who also sings in the track) and partner Jonathan Eric “Swift” Piazza.

While “I’m Walking Here” is lively, its inspiration comes from a dark event. “It was when Trayvon (Martin) got killed by that clown (George Zimmerman),” Hay says. “I kept on thinking about him when I was on tour, that whole idea of somebody walking home and having this maniac kind of follow you in a car and that moment of ‘Why can’t people just walk home,’ you know? That really stayed with me.”

You can listen to the song and read the full article at this link: