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This Time I Got You

( Colin Hay )

Dogs and such, they don’t know how old they really are
They don’t have to go to work, or learn to drive a car
They just live ‘til they can’t see, ‘til their bark ain’t got no bite
I still hear him howlin’, howling in the night

The air is still as time flies by at a most unruly pace
Unless you’re in a prison cell, it has no name or face
I do recall what I told myself, as I turned 52
This time it’s different, this time I got you

This time I got you

Walking in the patient’s room, when everything turned red
I recognized the reaper man who raised his ugly head
He said “Relax, don’t worry man, I got no claim on you”
I remembered I was not alone, one and one make two

Spinning round and searching, looking for the door
I realized there’s no way out, I can run no more
I lay right down just where I stood, I only had one shoe
I knew that you would come for me, this time I got you

This time I got you

No one gets out alive it’s true, this I surely know
The path ahead is paved in gold, everywhere I go
I always find you, and with every day anew
No longer a janglin’ man, ‘cos this time I got you

This time I got you