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Frozen Fields of Snow

(Colin Hay)

I was born some time ago
In this very room
There’s many who have come and gone
There’s may be one more soon

Seasons come and seasons go
Some tanking in between
I’m lookin’ through the window now
At all that I have been

Someone is singin’ some crazy song
On the paint strained radio
My hands they are wringin’ as I gaze upon
These frozen fields of snow

My father was a violent man
He died in ‘63
My mother broke her silence then
And she looked after me

We dug a deep well for water
She told me water makes you free
She lost her only daughter
Her name was Mary-Lee

They called me up and threw me in
And there I lost my heart
I forget where I have been
Till wake up in the dark

I heard a voice saying you’re going home
As my blood began to flow
My mama was calling and beckoning
From the frozen fields of snow

Somethin’ out there’s goin’ to ground
Lying under open skies
Birds of prey come swoopin’ down
Pickin’ at their eyes

Springtime in comin’ and it’s none too soon
It’s time for me to let it go
I can see color green poking throungh
Through these frozen fields of snow

My secrets are whispering in this fading light
I have killed and I have loved
Time it will decide