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Are You Lookin’ At Me?

( Colin Hay / Tony Bruno )

Well I loved the Lone Ranger an’ ah loved that Dennis Law
Him an’ George Best, sure knew how tae kick a ba’
I wanted tae be a cowboy, an’ learn tae crack a whip
Tae stand up in that lonely street, two six guns on ma hip

Along the mighty Beatles came, an’ everyone went ahhh
They could play and sing and everything, and of course that John could draw
Well that wis it fur me, ah never once looked back
Ah’d tricks tae learn, waves tae catch, had a plan of attack

“Are you lookin’ at me?”
I said “Are you lookin’ at me, pal?”

Then we headed south, where the surf came crashin’ in
From black an white tae colour, from innocence tae sin
It was summer in December, blowing heatwaves in ma mind
People talkin’ funny, some cruel an’ some were kind

From the crackle of the cane, to the frown of a big black snake
From the breakers at Bondi, down to Wallaga Lake
From the sound of a million fly screen doors, closing on the past
Like that chimney the fires couldn’t burn, I was built to last

“Are you lookin’ at me?”
I said “Are you lookin’ at me, pal?”

When I flew across the ocean, ah wis number 1
People gave me everything, an’ ah didn’t need a gun
Walkin’ down that avenue, I never felt so alive
People callin’ out ma’ name, an’ ah’d only just arrived

There wis a tight rope walkin’ bagpiper, in the middle of Central Park
Steam wis risin’ from the ground, an’ ah wore my cape out after dark
I had myself a moment, my day out in the sun
It’s an unfinished story, but it’s more than just begun

An’ ah know more than one thing, but not more than two or three
An ah’ll tell ye if you’ll listen, an’ ah’ll tell ye for free
It’s no life being a cowboy, an’ eatin’ aw them beans
The coffee’s cold, the herd is gone, an’ aw ye’ve got’s yer dreams
You can always put yer spurs back on, but save them fur Halloween
Ye’re better off heading north, or somewhere ye’ve never been

“Are you lookin’ at me?”
I said “Are you lookin’ at me, pal?”