Colin Hay – Revue (1997) [Video]

Colin Hay – Revue

Produzido por Bart Lipton
©Lazy Eye Records (1997)

01. “What’s it made of?”
02. “Always walk up on the right hand side.”
03. “I felt like an intruder.”
04. “Leave your tongue out.”
05. “What I do it for.”
06. “The vomit years”
07. “What’s it like to be a rock star?”
08. “You think you’re in control.”
09. “Maybe he did.”
10. “Ewes guys were really grouse.”
11. “Peaks & Valleys”
12. “He’s kind of an asshole.”
13. “There you go.”

Um vídeo feito para TV com Colin Hay contando histórias e cantando algumas músicas, incluindo: Down Under, Wayfaring Sons, Overkill, Waiting for my real life to begin, Freedom calling e I haven’t seen you in a long time. É um material bastante raro, mas está disponível para ser assistido na íntegra logo abaixo.


Galeria de Imagens

Cast & Crew
Jon Brian – Harmonica
Chad Fischer – Congas

Executive Producers

Anne Marie Mackay
Johathon Ker

Jonathon Dayton
Valerie Faris

Bart Lipton

Line Producer
Nicholas Caprio

Senior Editor
Helen Lowe

Eric Zimmerman
Rico Martinez
Todd Darling

Director of Photography
Max Martin