“Into My Life”: Fan made documentary about the Brazilian tours of Colin Hay and Men At Work is on the way

Into My Life was one of the most played songs in the early 1990’s in Brazil. But, curiously, only in Brazil…

The minidocumentary “Into My Life – The Brazilian Tours of Colin Hay and Men At Work” will tell the curious story of an international hit, exclusively in Brazil and the tours of Colin Hay and Men At Work at the country.

The documentary is being produced and directed by initiative of Carlos Rafael Pompeu, Colin Hay fan and creator of ColinHay.com.br. Pompeu is musician and adsman, lead singer of the band Rockstrada. He already attented to nine Colin Hay tours around the globe, four in USA (2001, 2016, 2017, 2018), three in Brazil (2004, 2007, 2011), one in the United Kingdom (2013) and one in Australia (2019), having worked in some of them as press assistant, film maker and photographer.

The documentary, that will have an exclusive interview with Colin Hay and other characters from the Brazilian tours, still have no release date.