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Not So Lonely

( Colin Hay / Robert Dillon / Gerry Hale / Paul Gadsby )

Chan’eil mi nis nam aonar (I am now not alone)

Strong wind
Strong wind blowing
Dark clouds form
Storm is brewing

Thunder and lightning
Surround our shelter
We make love as the rains lash at our window
Now I remember

I’m not lonely

Chan’eil mi nis nam aonar
It always lives round the corner
I walk streets and my heart beats ever stronger

Who can say and who can tell
Like coins into the wishing well
My love is like a burning light
Cuts into the mountain like a river

Now I’m not so lonely
Now I have my hope and glory

Leave all the wind and rain behind
I’ll fill the cup and I’ll drink the wine
Hey, hey, hey
It’s alright, feels good

We’re not so lonely
We’ll write a book
At least a story
We’re not so lonely
Chan’eil mi nis nam aonar
We’re not so lonely