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I’m Inside Outside In

(Colin Hay/Michael Georgiades)

Sometimes I don’t even know my name
Don’t ask me why’ cause I can’t explain
It’s just one of those things
Small gains that I am making
Become suck an undertaking
I’m inside outside in

Well everything used to be so clear
But lately things just seem to disappear
Into the atmosphere
One day I’m almost certain
The next day I draw the curtain
I’m inside outside

And when I call no one’s listening
I cannot be heard
And if fall who would miss me
And who can I find to forgive me
And lord knows how much I need it now

Inside outside outside in
Inside outside outside in

I’m in the car I’m driving
But I’m never seen arriving
I’m inside outside in

One love forever’s never been my game
Sooner or later it ends up the same
Or so it goes
I never seem to learn
If I get too close I’ll still burn
I’m inside outside
I’m inside outside
I’m inside outside