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If I Had Been a Better Man

(Colin Hay)

There were kings and queens and could have beens
And pretenders to the throne
I was a sweet contender then
Now my seeds they’ve all been sown
I scorched the earth behind me
I could have made a better plan
Yeah if I had been a better man

My promises were not to keep
But thrown into the dirt
There must be more I told myself
As I buttoned up my shirt
Well I could paint myself in glory now
And be proud of who I am
Yeah I had been a better man

Stumbling through deep suburbs of my mind
As secrets of silence unwind
I will sing you so long
Now only love
Only love makes me strong

You charity I took as mine
I claimed it as my own
I followed my ascending star
To far away from home
Well I was mesmerized by shiny things
Now in frozen time I stand
Yeah if I had been a better man

Now I’m kneeling and I’m digging deep
Deep into the ground
I’m searching for my soul to keep
Like a burried treasure found
In dreams I speak in ancient tongues
Lost in wind and sand
Yeah if only I had been a better man