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Colin Hay – Transcendental Highway (1998)

Colin Hay
Transcendental Highway
Produced by Colin Hay & Dave Dale
©1998 Lazy Eye Records
©2009 Compass Records

Track List

Altenative Covers

2009 Compass Records Reissue

Released Singles
Don’t Believe You Anymore – Goodbye My Red Rose – My Brilliant Feat – If I Go

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Don’t Believe You Anymore

My Brilliant Feat

Colin Hay – acoustic guitar, bass, piano, electric guitar, vocals, e-bow, baritone guitar
Dave Dale – percussion, cymbals, drums, electric guitar, background vocals, chamberlin, tape effects
Chad Fischer – percussion, concertina, cymbals, drums, electric guitar, background vocals
Glen Holmen – bass
Ethan Johns – harmonium
Robbie Kilgore – organ, piano, keyboards
Dan Rothchild – bass
Martin Tillman – cello

More Information

The original edition of the album included the hidden-track “And No Matter”, after track 12. The reissue of the album by Compass Records has “I’m Doing Fine (Demo Version)” as a bonus track.