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Now and the Evermore

(Colin Hay)

Woke up Sunday morning
Salvation army at my door
Playing Onward Christian Soldiers
‘Til I couldn’t take it any more
I ran across the graves at night
With those three witches at my tail
I heard the wail of the now and the evermore

All things are never equal
And I don’t know who’s keeping score
Nobody gets a sequel, no
Everyone gets shown the door
I’ll be counting on the rising sun
To give me all my waking days
Until it sets up on the now and the evermore

Goodbye to the life we knew
Don’t save it ‘til the end
It could be me it could be you or some old long lost friend
And if I’m calling out your name
I know if you can hear me you will come
You can leave a note or light a flame
Sing a song or even bang a drum

I saw The Lady Catrina
She was all a jingling at the bar
Playing an Italian concertina
You know she’s really quite the star
She told me everything’s a circle dance
And we had been here many times before
And we’re all a part of the now and the evermore

Goodbye to the waterside and down that shady lane
In case you’re lost and wandering
It does not look the same
Goodbye to the life we knew
Some roads you just can’t bend
It’s made me one with everything before I reach the end