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Me And My Imaginary Friend

( Colin Hay / Chad Fischer )

You never sleep, and you never go home
My secrets you keep, I’m never alone
We’re joined at the hip and this I comprehend
We’ll be together ‘til the end, me and my imaginary friend

You never tell me, what I have to do
We can sit in silence, or visit the zoo
We know what is real, and what is pretend
Together ‘till the bitter end, me and my imaginary friend

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg
Conjure them up inside your own head
Short and tall, fat or thin
Open the door, invite them in
Hello how are you, how you been?

So now you have someone, someone to love
A gift from yourself, a gift from above
If you’re dining alone, get a table for two
We can talk our faces blue, ‘bout all the things that we’ve been through

Together forever
‘Till the credits end

Me and my imaginary friend