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“Now And The Evermore”: Colin Hay’s 15th solo album is available!

Now And The Evermore“, Colin Hay’s 15th solo album was released today (March, 18th) on the music apps, CD and vinyl, by the American label Compass Records. The album has ten tracks, including a new recording of the title-track – originally released as a single during the pandemic – with the guest featuring of Ringo Starr on drums. Listen to the album at your favorite music app, click at the link:

The album’s track list is:

1. Now And The Evermore
2. Love Is Everywhere
3. Into The Bright Lights
4. The Sea Of Always
5. Starfish And Unicorns
6. A Man Without A Name
7. Undetow
8. All I See Is You
9. Agatha Bell
10. When Does The End Begin?