EXCLUSIVE: Colin Hay reveals that he has two upcoming albums


During a recent interview with the creator of ColinHay.com.br, Carlos Rafael Pompeu, Colin Hay revealed that he has two new albums on the way. The first one is going to be an album of covers entitled “I Just Don’t Know What To Do Myself”, coming out in August 2021 on Compass Records.

The second one, entitled “Now And The Evermore”, is going to be an album with new original songs, coming out early 2022, also on Compass Records.

His sixth solo album, the acoustic “Going Somewhere” (2000) is being released on vinyl for the first time, by Compass Records.

Carlos Rafael is producing a documentary about the curious fact that the song “Into My Life” – from Colin’s second solo album “Wayfaring Sons” – was a huge hit only in Brazil, and the tours of Colin Hay and Men at Work in the country. The documentary is currently in production and still has no release date. You can subscribe to ColinHay.com.br’s official channel on YouTube and activate the notifications to be informed about its release (www.youtube.com/colinhaycombr).