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Starfish and Unicorns

(Colin Hay)

Your voice is in my phone
I will always wait for you to get back to me
I come here on my own by
The old water tower
Where we dreamt our lives away

Under rocks and stones where
The secrets of starfish and unicorns live
This is your new home down by the waterside
Where you’ll never be alone

The bay is still and grey
We had coffee in Scheherazade and
That’s all gone away though I can see you now
Like it was yesterday
And our love was an imperfect love
Our horns ever locking
There were years of not talking
Innocent of heart it was us against them
Then you went and left us
To carry on till the end

I am driving home now
Through the winding mind of the boulevard and
Dreams they come and go
Of starfish and unicorns like you