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Colin Hay Brazilian Tours



The first visit of Colin Hay to Brazil happened in January, 1991, when he attended the Rock in Rio II festival, for a crowd of 150,000 people, at the same night of Joe Cocker and Prince. He was promoting his second solo album, “Wayfaring Sons”, that included the song “Into My Life”, a huge hit in Brazil.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Gerry Hale (violin, bandolin) – Paul Gadsby (bass) – Robert Dillon (drums)


Colin Hay and Greg Ham reformed Men at Work with other musicians. They toured Brazil in 1996 and recorded the live album “Brazil”, playing the band’s greatest hits.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Greg Ham (saxophone, flute, harmonica, keyboards, vocals) – Simon Hosford (guitar, vocals) – Stephen Hadley (bass, vocals) – John Watson (drums, vocals)


The succcess of the 1996 tour was so huge that Men at Work came back very briefly to Brazil and promote their live album “Brazil”. Songs from Colin Hay’s “Topanga”, released in 1994, were also included at the shows like “I Don’t Miss You Now” and “Can’t Take This Town”.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Greg Ham (saxophone, flute, harmonica, keyboards, vocals) – James Ryan (guitar) – Stephen Hadley (bass) – Tony Floyd (drums)


Men at Work was back for a serie of shows including the great festivals Planeta Atlântida and Festival de Música de Salvador. New songs “Don’t Be Afraid” and “Love Terrorist” were performed, along with a new version of “Overkill” with the last verse in portuguese.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Greg Ham (saxophone, flute, harmonica, keyboards, vocals) – Simon Hosford (guitar) – Heta Moses (drums) – Rodrigo Aravena (bass)


Colin Hay returned to Brazil to promote his eighth solo album “Man @ Work”. That was the first time that his wife Cecilia Noël came with him.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Tony Bruno (guitar) – Alan Deremo (bass) – Bill Esparza (saxophone, flute) – Chad Fischer (drums) – Rob Clores (keyboards) – Cecilia Noël (vocals)


Colin Hay came to Brazil to promote the songs of his ninth solo album, “Are You Lookin’ At Me?”. The band was the same from the DVD “Live At The Corner”, recorded in 2007 at Australia and released in 2010 by Compass Records.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Simon Hosford (guitar) – Kaveh Rostegar (bass) – Dorian West (keyboards) – Charles Paxson (drums) – Cecilia Noël (vocals).

COLIN HAY Brazil 2007
Data Cidade Local / Informações
Clube Itajuby
Rio de Janeiro-RJ
São José dos Campos – SP
Tênis Clube
Hellooch Club
Arena Amadeu Teixeira
Fortaleza – CE
Siará Hall
São Paulo – SP
Tom Brasil – Nações Unidas


Colin Hay came to Brazil for the seventh time to promote his eleventh solo album, “Gathering Mercury”, and play his classic Men at Work hits.

Band: Colin Hay (voice, guitar) – Simon Hosford (guitar) – Craig Martini (bass) – Randy Cooke (drums) – Michael Ghegan (saxophone, flute, keyboards) – Cecilia Noël (vocals)

Dates And Venues
Date City Venue
03/06 Jaguariúna-SP Red Eventos
04/06 Ribeirão Preto-SP João Rock Festival
09/06 Curitiba-PR Curitiba Master Hall
10/06 Ponta Grossa-PR Park de Exposições
11/06 Balneário Camboriú-SC Marias
14/06 Ponta Grossa-PR LocalClub
15/06 São Paulo-SP Via Funchal
16/06 Cascavel-PR Cowboy Salloon
17/06 Rio de Janeiro-RJ Vivo Rio
18/06 Joinville-SC Joinville Square Garden
19/06 Rio do Sul-SC C.E. Herman Purnhagen
23/06 Parintins-AM Festival de Parintins – Festa do Visitante