Men At Work | Guest Appearances

Riff Raff – A Rock Musical (1980)

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Men At Work was the band for the play “Riff Raff” and a record was released with it’s soundtrack. The band he had Colin Hay, Jerry Speiser, Ron Strykert and Greg Sneddon, that later was replaced by Greg Ham. John Rees wasn’t in the band yet. The song  “The Ways Of The Broken Hearted”, during the “There’s A Bloke I Know” act, is a highlight because it’s the only one which Colin Hay sings. Two different versions of the song (live and studio) are available in alternative releases of the record. Available in LP. EXCLUSIVE: Click here if you want to fully listen this record

Australia Now (1982)

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Men At Work performs “Be Good Johnny” and there are alternative videos for “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?”. Available in VHS.

Rockin’ Australia Live (1982)

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A live compilation released by the australian label Mushroom Records. It has two exclusive Men at Work tracks, “I Don’t Understand” and “Coin In The Slot”, recorded live in Australia. Available in LP and Cassete.

Rock The Millenium – Live (2000)

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Men At Work playing during the turn of the century at Sydney’s new year’s party. The band was playing “Down Under” during the countdown. The CD containing “Down Under” was originally released in 2000, and later reissued with the DVD in 2008. Available in CD and DVD.

Andrew Denton Breakfast Show – Musical Challenge Vol. 1 (2001)

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Colin Hay and Greg Hay playing the song “Jump In My Car” from the Ted Mulry Gang. Available in CD.

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles – Soundtrack (2001)

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A new version of  Men At Work’s classic “Down Under” was included at the movie’s soundtrack, and is played during the credits. This same version, with the featuring of Cecilia Noël & The Wild Clams, was later released as a bonus tracks of Colin Hay’s “Man @ Work” album. Available in CD.

Long Way To The Top (2001)

This australian DVD has an interview with Colin Hay & Greg Ham about Men At Work’s early days and the song “Down Under”. Available in DVD.

Count Down The Wonder Years (2006)

Men At Work performing “Down Under” at the “Count Down” show. Available in DVD.

Under The Southern Cross (2010)

Colin Hay and Greg Ham performing “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?” during a TV show back in 1988. Available in DVD.