“Fierce Mercy” is the title for Colin Hay’s 13th solo album

Colin Hay Fierce Mercy

“Fierce Mercy” is going to be the title for Colin Hay’s 13th solo album, to be released in March 3th, 2017 by Compass Records Group (America), with 13 brand new songs.

The album is already available for pre-sale on Amazon.com, with the following description and track list:

“The new album FIERCE MERCY, is an epic, cinematic step forward from singer-songwriter, Colin Hay, most beloved for his intimate, confessional live shows and songs that can draw a tear from the most unlikely listeners, including Metallica frontman, James Hetfield, who recently included one of Colin’s songs on his public playlist. FIERCE MERCY explores the themes of love and loss but always with the singular perspective and acerbic wit that has defined Hay’s work since his days as front man of the wildly popular 80s band, Men at Work. Now finding himself in the unprecedented place of having both 80s fame and indie credibility, Hay has created a new classic in his already impressive body of work, using a palette of pop songcraft, Americana flourishes, and soundtrack ready strings. Recorded in both Los Angeles and Nashville and mixed by Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Jack White) and Gordon Hammond (Buddy Miller, Don Williams), it’s possible that Hay has delivered the defining album of his career.”

Track List:
1. Come Tumblin Down
2. Secret Love
3. A Thousand Million Reasons
4. The Best in Me
5. Frozen Fields of Snow
6. The Last to Know
7. I’m Going to Get You Stoned
8. I’m Walking Here
9. Two Friends
10. She Was the Love of Mine
11. I’m Inside Outside in (Deluxe Edition – CD Only Bonus Track)
12. Blue Bay Moon (Deluxe Edition – CD Only Bonus Track)
13. Love Don’t Mean Enough (Deluxe Edition – CD Only Bonus Track)

 Colin Hay