Documentary about Colin Hay’s life is going online at January 30th

The documentary produced about Colin Hay life and career entitled “Waiting For My Real Life” is going to be distributed by TriCoast Worldwide in February 8th.

First, it will come out at digital platforms in America, such as Amazon and Vimeo and later it may have a DVD version.

The film is directed by Aaron Faulls and Nate Gowtham and has interviews with Hugh Jackman, Mick Fleetwood, Sia Furler, Guy Pearce and many others, including Men at Work former members Jerry Speiser, John Rees and Ron Strykert.

Here is the synopsis for the film:

COLIN HAY – WAITING FOR MY REAL LIFE tracks the life of singer-songwriter Colin Hay, from his meteoric success as the front man of Men at Work (“Down Under”), to the ensuing oblivion of obscurity and alcohol addiction, and his eventual rebirth as a solo artist. The documentary retraces Hay’s life, from his Scottish childhood to his Los Angeles solo acts, and paints a powerful story of an artist forced to redefine himself, in the wake of soul crushing fame.